Yahoo On Demand Password With SMS

Millions of email users typically use the same password for multiple online services including email, online store, and social networking. With more of identity theft cases, many users finally using different password for each login to multiple accounts. Just a weakness using different and complicated passwords finally forcing Internet users to memorize all of the passwords that they make.

By considering these issues makes Yahoo wants to make it easier for the Yahoo email owner so they no longer need to memorize their Yahoo login passwords that are often forgotten. This method also helps Yahoo’s email users to keep security of Yahoo login passwords by launching a new login system with send password through SMS that called Yahoo On Demand Password. This method is different with the “2 step verification” services that also provided by Yahoo because this service are always send different password to email user’s through SMS whenever they want to login to their Yahoo email accounts.Yahoo On Demand Password

To be able to use Yahoo on demand password, any Yahoo account owner need to follow the following steps:

  1. Log in to your Yahoo account and then click the name of the user and towards information page.
  2. At the user information page select “Account Security” and then click “On-demand passwords.”
  3. Enter phone number that will be used to receive an SMS verification code. After receiving Yahoo SMS verification then enter this code on page information.

Yahoo hopes with increasing this security facility, the number of users of Yahoo services and as well as smartphone-based services will be increase. Yahoo is very sure that there are still many users who are not yet aware of the risks with using a password that is easy to guess by hackers. There are still many users still use email service easily guessed passwords like 1234abcd, passw0rd, and so on. Yahoo also hope that all owners of email using a variety password, because there are a lot of emails owners use the same password as the password login into multiple accounts.

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