The End Of Mandriva Linux History

The time of Mandriva linux history seem have come to the end, which had this famous distro ever attracted the attention of many people. But unfortunately the Mandriva has failed to survive in the face of competition to deal with various other Linux distros.

As a very popular linux distro presently like Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Red Had and other major distributions, during the period of its popularity, Mandriva had a chance to steal the attention of the Linux users to try out and enjoy the convenience of features that given by Mandriva like Mandriva Control Center.mandriva linux history

Surely this is unfortunate given the resounding accomplishment that had written Madriva, i.e. use of cooperation such as Mandriva by schools in Nigeria with a total of 17,000 students, then in Malaysia any distro is quite a success of its existence.

Mandriva has been liquidated since 20 may 2015 then that means this linux distro has over its history. But nevertheless we can still enjoy the mandriva Linux distribution although there will be no update to the latest.

News of liquidated also can be seen at(

Recall the beginning mandriva release on 23 July 1998, mandriva‘s own developed based Redhat Linux 5.1 a diversion in the name of Venice and the KDE version 1.0. and in the final version of Mandriva released Mandriva Linux 2010 Spring version.

Recalling the trip following a Mandriva linux history in the quote from Wikipedia:

Initially, the Mandriva distro has a name, then the version of Mandrake Linux 8.1 to 9.2 named Mandrake Linux

In February 2004, Mandrakesoft lost a court case against Hearst Corporation, owners of King Features Syndicate. Hearst accused of violating copyright MandrakeSoft King Features characters named ‘Mandrake the Magician.

As a precaution, Mandrakesoft renamed its products by removing the space between the brand and product names as well as change the first letter of the product name into lower case, so that it becomes a single word. Starting from version 10.0, Mandrake Linux known as Mandrakelinux, as its logo.

In April 2005 Mandrakesoft Conectiva, a company that produces a linux distribution Brazil speak Portuguese (Brazil) and Spain in Latin America.

Due to this acquisition and legal disputes with the Hearst Corporation,Mandrakesoft announced the corporate name became Mandriva, and that Mandriva Linux will be the new name for its products.

After going through many struggles, unfortunately this is the end of Mandriva linux history

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