Shared Hosting vs Dedicated Server Comparison

Shared hosting vs dedicated server is a comparison between the advantages and disadvantages of Using Shared Hosting or dedicated. Shared Hosting so far is the most popular type of hosting that is used by the hosting service users.

Before making a decision, we strongly recommend You to read this article so you know what it’s actually shared hosting vs dedicated server.

This shared hosting vs dedicated server comparsion based with the advantages and disadvantages of using shared hosting for your website.

What is Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting is when some websites share a place hosting at a great server. With hold multiple accounts on the same server sites, web hosting companies can provide hosting services with a set fee that is more affordable. Shared-Hosting is a very economical choice and became a favorite when you just started hosting your website on a hosting service company.

In accordance with the illustration above, the parable of the Shared-Hosting is a Commuter Railway Line full of passengers (for the rates obviously cheaper), and a Dedicated Server is an expensive private jet, but offer more safety and comfort in hosting.

shared hosting vs dedicated server

The Advantages Of Shared-Hosting

  1. Monthly hosting Cost is much cheaper compared to Dedicated Server due to server maintenance costs are shared by thousands of websites. The cost of Shared-Hosting on, for example, only 40,000/month with Windows Server.
  2. Competition technology in Shared-Hosting which caused the hosting companies competing with each other gives the admin control service user-friendly. Most shared web hosting using WordPress admin panel like Plesk Pararrel Control Panel. cPanel, and Fantastico.
  3. Popular Companies employ a highly skilled professional. This allows you to concentrate on your business peace and not worry about maintenance and uptime. In this case, you should choose a hosting company that has almost 100% uptime guarantee and support that you can count on for 24 hours.
  4. Most of the larger companies offer some services, so that your site is running very well, and you can upgrade without any hassle. Choose a partner that you can trust for Your website hosting even up for many years.

The Disadvantages Of Shared-Hosting

  1. Compared to a dedicated server, you will see a slower server speeds on shared hosting.
  2. When companies are greedy, overselling can be a big problem.

This can lead to downtime of the site became very common and will interfere with the performance of your website. Once again this is one of the important points in consideration you choose Web-hosting. You never fooled with the mindset “with many of clients, definitely a nice performance.”
Take a look again if his server supports clients who are already so much, or instead create a website of his clients down because the server is also over loaded?

Then with the advantages and disadvantages of Shared-Hosting as we explain above, how your attitude if you want to subscribe to the hosting?

Always adjust your website needs with Hosting you will use. If you are still very new in the world of websites and web-only blog with traffic is not too high, or just for writing articles, we suggest you choose the Shared-Hosting.

But if you have a website with high traffic, with a very clear company objectives and visionary, we recommend you to choose a Dedicated servers, which although looks expensive, but comparable to the security, convenience, and comfort to offer.

Hopefully this article about shared hosting vs dedicated server can be a guide for you in selecting a quality Shared-Hosting

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