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Current SEO became a very influential factor on the success of a website in bringing visitors in organic or naturally, without the need to spend money on advertising. Because SEO was very important, they assured everyone vying to make their website SEO Friendly, with various ways do. However SEO is not easy to do, a lot of websites that fail to thrive due to his less than optimal SEO or because their content is less attractive. Here are a few SEO easy guide which are easy to do in order to make your website SEO friendly.

Keyword on domain name

If you are interested in a particular field such as “design”, then make sureas much as possible to incorporate these keywords in your domain name, e.g. “” or “”.

Keyword in the post URL

The URL is one of the factors that strongly taken into account by Google in the placement of an article on a website in the search results, so make sure you write down your targeted keywords in the URL, if you use WordPress then change the permalink so that keywords can be includedin the URL of the article.

Optimization Tags Title, Headings & Body

Include at least one of your targeted keywords in the title tag, headings, and meta description. No need to use many keywords in the body, but it’s good you using keywords in the sub headings.

SEO easy guide

Image Optimization

Website visitors can only come from the images you put in the page of the website, Google image, for example, he will display all images that match the keywords in a search by someone. So don’t sepelekanpictures, give it a proper name for the picture, naming such as “girl-beautiful .jpg” is certainly better than “.jpg IMG_929asdad90”, becausewhen someone searches for the keyword “pretty girl” then there is the possibility of the existing image in your web page appear, from there can bring in visitors.
Not just the name of the image file, but you also have to include at least one of the keywords in the ALT tags on images, besides make sure the image size is not great, you could compress images in advance for easy opening.


Link to all posts that have in common, make sure those links include your keywords as well. If you intend to link to other Web sites outside of your website, then make sure that you link only to reputable websites and trusted, do not link your website to the website, or website spam.

That’s some SEO easy guide to implement SEO on your website, there are still many other SEO easy guide you can learn, we will be try as much as possible to write other seo tricks on the other time. So this website is continuously updated and follow on Twitter or Facebook to get other interesting things about the web and technology.

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