Securing Passwords With Keepass

Make a strong password and difficult cracked has become mandatory to maintain accounts or documents that are very important and confidential. Often how to create a secure password is by password differentiate each document or our account, even by a password using characters that are difficult to read or remember. That way is proven safety and effective to protect the breakdown password created, but make us difficult to manage because the password is hard to remember especially different for each document or account.Ā To perform password management and kind, there is a software or application called Keepass to help us remember securing passwords with Keepass. securing passwords with Keepass
How to use Keepass very simple, is by record and store all the passwords, usernames, website addresses, and so on according by group or category. After all of login and password information stored in Keepass then we only need to remember one password only, which is the password to open the KeePas. So we can log into the software Keepass then we can see and manage all of our passwords andĀ securing passwords with Keepass.

Keepass can be downloaded here As for the version Keepass, I prefer Keepass 1.xx version, rather than the Keepass version 2.xx, because in Keepass 1.xx version we can use it without the need to install .Net first. Even for Keepass 1.xx available portable version that can be stored in USB flashdisk so we can more easiest toĀ securing passwords with Keepass.

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