Saving Bandwith With Ziproxy

There are several ways to save bandwith and internet package, start from using a VPN, proxy, adblock plugin installed, up to the most extreme is the image off in the browser settings.

For those who have a VPS can take advantage of little resource and use it to become a proxy to save an bandwith and internet package using ziproxy. Saving bandwith with Ziproxy work by compress image and zip files from the server so that image and files download process much faster and save bandwidth when transferred to your computer’s browser. How to saving bandwith with Ziproxy and make it as bandwith saver is not difficult. For that use Debian or Ubuntu OS can use the following command.saving bandwith with Ziproxy

  • Install Ziproxy from repository through terminal with a command:
    $ apt-get install ziproxy
  • Modify Ziproxy.conf through terminal console with a command:
    $ nano /etc/ziproxy/ziproxy.conf
  • Then find and edit a few words as follows:
    Port = adjust to your port
    AuthMode = 1
    AuthPasswdFile = “/etc/ziproxy/http.passwd”
    UseContentLength = false
    ProcessJPG = true
    ProcessPNG = true
    ProcessGIF = true
    ProcessHTML = true
    ProcessCSS = true
    ProcessJS = true
    ProcessHTML_CSS = true
    ProcessHTML_JS = true
    ProcessHTML_tags = true
    ProcessHTML_text = true
    ProcessHTML_PRE = true
    ProcessHTML_NoComments = true
    ProcessHTML_TEXTAREA = true
    AllowLookChange = true
    ConvertToGrayscale = true
    ImageQuality = {5,5,5,5}
    URLDeny = “/etc/ziproxy/deny.list”
    ProcessJP2 = true
    ProcessToJP2 = true
    ForceOutputNoJP2 = true
    AnnounceJP2Capability = true
  • To set Ziproxy password, can be done with following command:
    $ nano /etc/ziproxy/http.passwd
  • Restart VPS with command:
    $ reboot
  • Perform the proxy settings on the local computer, for Windows users can perform the proxy settings through Control Panel -> Internet Options -> Connections -> LAN Settings and enter the IP VPS and its Ziproxy Port.

To use regular browsing the bandwidth quota could save up to 50% more but the quality will rather ugly its becuse showing picture in black and white (can be set through convert to grayscale in /etc/ziproxy/ziproxy.conf . That will more fully make saving bandwith with Ziproxy.

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