Mobilegeddon Google Update Algorithm

Respond to a recent Mobilegeddon Google update algorithm, it is quite uproar because of whole site must have a nice mobile friendly facilities. This makes who have less mobile template friendly should be replace with resposive template or for already mobile template you just use more simple template. But it much better if you replace your template because a lot of templates that are mobile friendly now and you can have for free, it certainly makes you more easily.

Mobilegeddon Google Update Algorithm

Even so, mobilegeddon google update algorithm will not much affect for SERP or your SEO value, its because this time the changes focusing on mobile and have no impact on visitors to your blog from computer. In addition this time changes aims that they are difficult to access because the sites are too close between the link can be more easily and clicking freely.

You who do not have a mobile friendly template can be searched for free. How to check a responsive template or not your only need to shrink the browser window. If the arrangement of the letters changed, then the template are resposive. Its because the google mobile user reaches 30% of all users.

The easiest way to check your website is mobile friendly or not is by open your website using a smartphone or other mobile device.

Thus information about mobilegeddon google update algorithm.

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