Knowing SEO Bounce Rate Definition

At this opportunity will discuss a bit about bounce rate to knowing SEO bounce rate definition. Basically visitor activity provides a comparison of ratios, while browsing on our site. Bounce rate generally is a good measure of whether or not our site. Even bad Bounce ratio, could cause our blog banned by google. Here we will provide a little frequently asked questions on bounce rate.

knowing SEO bounce rate definition

How do I calculate the bounce rate?

How to calculate bounce rate is by counting the number of pages in the open / total pages. So in other words if the visitor sees one page it will be at a value of 100%. Likewise beyond. Many of your total page causing many nice clicking. This is certainly due to the exciting content and also title that accordance with the theme and easily understood by the reader.

How to see Bonce rate?

How to view the bounce rate, you need to have a google analytics account first, there already exist bounce rate menu. This would look if you use google analytics for a long time.

How nice blog bounce rate?

For a good bounce rate is getting smaller or close to 0 (zero). But impossible to achieve close to 0 because many of the visitors are not likely to see the entire page in one visit. Anyway, the smaller the better.

Here is a brief to knowing SEO bounce rate definition. So in hope we were already understood bounce rate, can make the guidelines that we always provide knowledge that we already can and certainly improve the quality of articles and our website. Another time we will discuss the reasons why a high bounce rate and how to minimize it.

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