Knowing Facebook Ads Product Guide

Facebook ads feature is a feature that makes facebook show ads desired by advertisers. Its really important to knowing facebook ads product guide, because it requires a lot of rules in making its own advertising. Here are the rules that must be agreed. The number of Facebook users is a richness in itself to the social networking site’s owners. Because that way the advertisement are very effective to provide solutions to businessmen.

knowing facebook ads product guide


To pictures itself for facebook ads obliges advertisers to create an image ads that would aired maximum of 20% of the posts. And this would be a problem for those who do advertising that is just full of writing on your an image. In addition an image is mandatory to display. In other words, you must give an image.


Fee in facebook ads are paid using a credit card or Visa or also by using paypal. Fee in this case is minimum $ 1.00 dollars. This Fee are minimum costs and of course you will be able to reach was little.

Not Porn Sites or Gambling

If you want to advertise on facebook it be permitted to advertise pornographic and gambling sites. This is a common thing were implemented many leading advertisers. But if the only game it does not matter.

Special Pages

You as an advertiser in Facebok only can create ads to your pages in other words, you will only be able to show ads using your page, not with your original facebook account.

Special Site

In addition to the page, facebook ads are also equipped with website advertisement. This is different with the page because if you promote your page that just a url at the site it will be rejected outright by facebook.

The number of advertisers who create ads on facebook is a good thing for the IM. This makes their chances in business is increasing. It is also a good thing for many people or those who want to find what they want to see ads that are relevant and worth to be seen.

In addition you can make yourself a target, such as age and location of the target country. It would be very beneficial. If you really internet marketers do not waste this advertising.
Last is suggestion to use a new facebook every advertise, because in every new facebook accounts exist a coupon if you are new accounts that have never been used to advertise.

Hopefully with knowing facebook ads product guide, then the number of sales on your business will be increased.

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