How To Auto Post Social Networks

This time it will be discussed about how to auto post social networks using a site that is already well-known. That is Deliver It. Do you know a person who posted the article through facebook. Whether it be an account or fanspage. This time will be described in detail on this occasion. Can say this is auto post to various social media such as twitter and facebook google plus others.

How To Auto Post Social Networks

Indeed, the source of traffic from facebook, will be make bad a blog. But this will not happen and usually only there will be some people who see our site in this way. Although it is not efficient but there is no harm done. Because if there are people who like the status will be make us also got a post like. And like button will make your blog more and more toward page one.

This is an advantage to utilize the services of the site Because they create an application that can be accessed by using the account easily. By Deliver It then we were making posts and those who will share our posts. See also how they work make us get various facilities.

The trick how to auto post social networks is as follows.

  • First you have to go to the web page You must already have a facebook or twitter accounts. This allows you to instantly register.
  • After that you have to choose whether you will go through facebook or twitter.
  • After that you will be see two different columns the first is a feed that is to set the source of the blog that you manage.

    How To Auto Post Social Networks

  • For this column you should fill in add if you want to share just fanspage only. You can also share through twitter.

    How To Auto Post Social Networks

  • After you have finished just click done. And preparations have been completed.

Very easy way to share a variety of social media with automatic. This will be make your work lighter. And you can save time to make the article better. Remember more share to the various media will be a nicer. Its really usefull to knowing how to auto post social networks.

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