How Google Showing SERP

This discussion is how Google showing SERP. Need to know that SERP is (search engine result page). In this regard, google can work directly with very fast. The data collection and also many other things in units of 0.1 or even faster than that. Everything is collected and translated by the search engines in just a very super short. But do you know how to work the search engines to display the SERP?

SERP appearance in theory detail can not be explained because it is the biggest secret of google. Nevertheless Google has announced how their algorithms in general terms. Although there are still many who do not know, but in general how Google showing SERP are as follows:How Google Showing SERP

Submitting Keyword

The web server sends keywords to the index server. Content on the server can be described as the index at the back of the book that gave rise to keywords that are relevant to the desired reader. And then gives details of the page and the words that are relevant in the case.

Document Retrieval

After the server receives the query Required keywords then the next is retrieval of documents already available on the Google server. This is the most secret in google. Because it can imagine the many benefits for people who know how to google in this document retrieval can be made as an SEO is a very lucrative business.
search Results
Display the search results to the user. This is done by google after obtaining the desired data from the second process. These things become very complicated when determining ranking of the content. Because so many things are also still a secret in google itself. And the best are the blog author high priority can be superior in terms of the SERP.

Can you imagine how Google showing SERP only in a fraction of a second. You are already subscribed to google would have thought how much a server that is owned google so it can hold a lot of data and a lot of information as well as the appearance of a very fast pace.

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