Google Phantom Algorithm The How To Killer

NBC News has reported an Google Phantom algorithm update which is still a mystery. This new algorithm has been launched by the search engine google at this time. Latest Google Phantom algorithm is highly impacted for the owners of a site or blog that’s writings with generally themed “how-to”.

A site called that have more of 870.000 small blogs collection and contains writings on various types of topics “how-to”, saying that the search results are in from Google HubPages has decreased to 22 per cent. This decline start happening on 3 may 2015 and takes place in the weeks to come.

Other great sites like and, and other sites also experienced a decrease in the number of visitors. The decline in the number of visits that is sharp enough this happened two weeks later, or at least since the date may 3, 2015.

Google Phantom algorithm

Gleen Gabe, an expert in marketing through virtual world experienced more than 19 years residing in New Jersey United States with its site G-Squared Interactive, spoke about the Google Phantom algorithm. He mentioned that one of the most important of the Google Phantom algorithm update these are updates to the google update is not his announcement. Google it self has not been formally mentioned the presence of Google Phantom algorithm itself.

Through the analysis of the data it does, Gabe stated that google algorithm update this phantom has nothing to do with Panda algorithms or Penguin algorithm. However, this google phantom algorithm update has the kind of target that same algorithm with the google algorithm Panda itself. The target of the Google Phantom algorithm i.e. site or blog that his writings “poor information” (thin content).

Furthermore, Gabe mentioned the google algorithm this phantom targets on a website or blog that contains trap-click, sites that have too much additional information (outbound links), blog page that only contains video groups only, and your site or blog with ugly or difficult navigation of the visitors. Then the site or blog like the one above can be affected by Google Phantom algorithm. The impact of google’s algorithm phantom that is, the disappearance of these sites from google’s search engine search results a few weeks later in may 2015.

Google algorithm update this phantom might say “cruel” in its application. This does not seem to update problem in punishing a poor website or blog infomation (in other words “websites is not clear”).

“When you are affected by the google algorithm update phantom at the level of the domain of your site or the occurrence of a change of the order of the search results, then this is the overall impact on a subdomains of those sites. The page slowly decline can also be pulled from google’s search results. “

Officially, Google has not commented about this phantom algorithm updates. Although a team from google webmaster tools, Garry Illyes in SMX Sydney exhibition events on a offending this week on this matter. He mentioned that there would be a recent change at the core of google’s algorithm itself.

By having Google Knowledge Graph known cleared visitors from sites search results the site “how”, in conjunction with the Google Phantom algorithm update, then this will be an extra challenge for the become a blogger or publishers of advertising-based writings.

Even for Gabe once did, that make a living from the search data analysis activities, recognizes cannot estimate how business forms in the future, whether it’s next week, next month, etc.

Did you notice a change in the number of visits your site at the beginning of the month of may 2015? If Yes, what kind of writing what you believe becoming a target of the google phantom algorithm ? Not a lot of detailed information on this subject. So what information you convey can be very mean.

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