Google Adsense vs Forex Trading Earning

Internet has become very good source of earning for the people. There are different kinds of jobs available for people to work online but Google AdSense and Forex trading are the major earning source for the people on internet. Here Google Adsense vs Forex Trading Earning review :

Google AdSense Earning

Google AdSense is very good earning platform for the professional bloggers. They have to signup with Google AdSense and place ads on their blog. Google offers earning when a visitor clicks on advertisements. The bloggers can make lots of money if there are so many visitors on their website or blog. Google AdSense earning depends on the type of advertisements placed on web pages. All the advertisements are automatically picked by the advertisers who are willing to pay.

All ads are not priced at the same and it depends on factors such as content and changing advertiser budgets. The advertisers pay to Google and you get a commission of the payment when visitors click on the advertisement. There can be earning from 2 cents to $15 per click in the Google AdSense. The amount of earning you will get also depends on amount of the targeted traffic as well you receive to your blog.

Google Adsense Vs Forex Trading

Forex Trading Earning

Forex trading is another very good source of earning on internet. It is very reliable and profitable business in which buying and selling of currencies is carried out. The traders from all over the world do trade in forex or Foreign exchange. There is lots of earning in the forex trading depending on the knowledge, learning and experience of the traders. There are different trading techniques and trading skills that can be used by the traders to earn profit. The amount of profit and earning in forex depends on the experience of the traders. The traders can get expertise in the trading with the practice on demo account as well.

Google Adsense Vs Forex Trading


In Google AdSense you will first need to have your blog or website and then you need to have an approved Google AdSense account. You are required to place unique contents on your blog and post advertisements. The amount of traffic on the website is also an important factor. There will be earning when visitors coming on your website clicks on the advertisements. You can increase earning by increasing number of traffic on the website through quality contents and SEO.

In Forex trading you need to open an account in the trading platform and then start executing trades. The amount of profit on your trading in the forex market will be your earning. You can select any currency pair or metals like gold, silver and crude oil to trade and set them on buy or sell in the forex market. The net profit in the trading will be your earning in the forex trading,


Both Google AdSense and Forex trading are very good, reliable and profitable earning sources for people who are looking to make earning on internet. Both these platforms are quite different from each other which require different kinds of skills, learning and experience but both can provide very good earning. Therefore whatever you chose, it will be equally good for you in providing earning.

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