Easy To Make Interesting Articles To Read

A good article had a huge influence on the number of visitors and improve the quality of our blog. As the author of bad articles will make your blog look like junk collection. It is still useful but not very useful or even can be said not useful at all. So what we need to make interesting articles to read, nice and worth appear on page one of google?

Make Interesting Articles To Read

Actually its easy to make interesting articles to read. Interesting article usually consists of :

  • Many words
    Many words in the article usually is an advantage in creating articles that have a lot of SEO keywords. Usually common words suggested is as much as 300-500 for each articles. More than that number is better, but still try to focus on our article is not just lip service that caused our articles we look bad.
  • Proponent
    proponent here interpreted as a supporting facilities, which can make articles more interesting. Article with an picture or video will be attracting more readers and make articles look more professional. But do not make too much of the image so that the word that was written just a few sentences. In addition, Remember about copyright, because usually on google frequently inquired about whether we agree about the taking pictures without permission.
  • Original
    Original article will make us be more different than another page. Especially it would be beneficial if we make an articles with a style that is distinctive by our own. However there is also mention that copy-paste is allowed as long as use sources which we quote the article. Certainly not a good thing if we just copying.
  • Detailed
    Although it requires a lot of time, a more detailed articles will make a blog more cool and interesting because visitors will more quickly get bored if the articles are presented, too short regardless of the readers can understand our articles or not.
  • Make a link
    Create a link on articles associated with the article being written. This is mostly done by the famous blog.
  • Default language
    Use of standard language in accordance with the sentence of SEO will be easily entered in google search than using daily language that sometimes even show that we are not professional.

By make interesting articles to read then google will put our articles in the position of the front page and will certainly gain more visitors.

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