Easy Install Windows Or Linux From USB With Rufus

Install Windows and Linux from the CD / DVD is now becoming obsolete, and switch to install windows or linux from USB. Its because more easy and much faster, than installing Windows or Linux using a CD / DVD. Application or software to install Windows is also very much, ranging from applications to install Windows 7 download tool from Microsoft, to the application made by a third party such as bootPE, WinToFlash, and UNetbootin to install Linux from USB stick. And there is also Rufus is a freeware tool that is able to create a bootable installation of Windows and Linux and use for install windows or linux from USB.Rufus

What distinguishes Rufus from other software bootable install, using Rufus then we can create a bootable USB Windows or Linux. How to use Rufus to create a bootable install Windows and Linux is also very easy, and is similar with other USB bootable maker application that by choosing a media source such as ISO, and choose the destination drive appropriate with the path to the USB drive that will be used to install windows or linux from USB.

To download the latest version Rufus please go to https://rufus.akeo.ie

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