Cpanel Backup Restore Email Accounts With Easy

Whether you’re planning to move hosting service? Or your server disk space already thinned because of your email data that is already piling up very much? Perhaps it is time to backup your email files to be stored to a safer place or to a bigger space. If you are using a hosting service that provides cpanel as your hosting control panel then there is a very easy way to use cpanel backup restore email accountsTo back up email on your hosting with cpanel backup restore email accounts required steps as follows :

cpanel backup restore email accounts

  1. Login to cPanel Hosting from domains that want to backed up the Email/Webmail
  2. Click the File Manager Menu
  3. In the File Manager Directory Selection display
    • Select the Web Root (public_html/www)
    • Checklist for small columns beside the writing Show Hidden Files (dotfiles)
    • Finish by clicking the GO button
  4. On left panel there is the File Manager page of the folder tree, and then click Root Home (/home/username)
  5. Then it will be shown the entire folder and review on the EMAIL folders contained on either the right
  6. To view Directories emails that you create with the contents, can Explore by clicking (2 x quickly) the Email folders
  7. Select the folder of the email by providing a check mark/checklist.
  8. Click “Compress” found on either the top right of the page File Manager. (If you want to backup your entire Email Account that is on the server, back to the root (/home/username), and select or tick/checklist folder email icon display, continue by selecting menu “Compress”.
  9. Then it will display a PopUp option compress file type to use.
  10. Select the Zip Archive (.zip)
  11. Click the button “Compress files”
  12. Download the .ZIP File to your computer
  13. To return the results of the backup You just stay click UnZIp or EXTRACT options

Actually you can use android file transfer with cpanel webdisk application to transfer file from or to your hosting or other android cloud storage. Hopefully this article about cpanel backup restore email accounts can help you to migrate or backup your email files.

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