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Saving files is very important and has been done long ago. Starting from Floppy Disk, HDD, HDD External flash up. However, the risk of loss and damage to the device may occur at any time without we can guess. Not to mention flash or hard drive when we are exposed to the virus, it is necessary for the time to recover and even then not always succeed. Currently we can backup files to cloud storage to keep all our important files securely online using cloud storage system, of course, what we need is an internet connection for the upload and download files in cloud storage with a computer or Android device. Cloud Storage itself there are very many ranging from free to premium by paying a subscription basis. Even though the free Cloud Storage we are able to save a considerable size files safely, and if it is still lacking and needed extra capacity so we can upgrade with larger capacity according to need.Backup Files To Cloud Storage

Here are some free secure Cloud Storage and most used backup files to cloud storage :

  1. Dropbox is very famous and exist until now, and integrated and can syncronize with many devices such as computers Windows, Linux, Mac until Android, could even be used as a VPS backup, which would make it easier perform backups of files or data. To obtain a free 2 GB of cloud storage from Dropbox please register through the banner below backup files to cloud storage
  2. is a product of Barracuda Networks which are famous old players in the world of security, anti-spam and cloud backup. With an excellent reputation and is believed many large companies for data storage online then  worth to try. Currently provide free storage of 15 GB of cloud storage for free to the registers through banner below backup files to cloud storageBecause of storage that given is a sizable, it is widely used for backup VPS with
  3. as the name implies this is Google Drive Cloud Storage is provided by Google. that given free of storage capacity is 15 GB shared with Gmail and Google Plus. Many also use Google Drive as VPS backup, although I do not recommend, its because when Google Drive storage full its can affect gmail account and google plus.

Select according what your needs for backup files to cloud storage

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