About 6 WordPress Security Myths

According to a recent survey, untill 2012 WordPress used almost 21.2% of all sites on the internet so that WordPress is included in the CMS is most popular in the world. However, not all people know the power ofWordpress. Even many wrong against the performance of WordPress it self. In this article, we will discuss about 6 wordpress security myths that is wrong and needs to be straightened out again.

wordpress security myths

  1. WordPress is Only can be used for blogs. Indeed WordPress originally started as a blogging platform, but in WordPress has been growing rapidly. Today, WordPress is a web software and can be used to create different types of websites and not just for the blog. One out of every 6 websites on the internet is built using WordPress and a large number of these sites are not blogs.WordPress is used to build eCommerce sites, corporate sites, online news and magazines, and in almost all industries and categories. It is used by Government, non-profit and many companies. So the myth that WordPress only as a CMS for bloging it is not proven.
  2. WordPress is not secure. WordPress is an open source software which means the source code is available online for anyone to learn and find the security loop hole. Maybe this is the cause of the existence of the presumption that WordPress is not secure. In fact, WordPress is very flexible and can be further strengthened security by taking a few extra steps. Malware or DDOS attacks is common on the web and not just limited to WordPress. To strengthen the security level of Wodpress can also be done by adding a special plugins.
  3. WordPress does not support e-Commerce. By default WordPress doesn’t come with a shopping cart or payment menu. However, there are a lot of WordPress plugin, which allows you to create your own eCommerce website with WordPress. Do you want to create an online store that sells physical goods or digital download? All can you create with WordPress. You could make it with a WooCommerce plug-ins, and online stores so you can run though would not be as good as and perfect like other CMS that is specific to e-commerce. To build an e-Commerce website using WordPress, it would be a maximum result if supported with the best Hosting with e-Commerce Hosting specialist.
  4. The future of WordPress which is not clear. Another common misunderstanding among some people is because that WordPress is free, then what is the guarantee that WordPress will not be lost? WordPress is not developed by a single person, but a community of professional developers. There are thousands of small and large businesses selling products and services based on WordPress. Many of these companies are actively participating in the WordPress community. Indeed WordPress basically free, but the developers of WordPress which so many and also so many businesses that rely on WordPress to make it continue to innovate and better developed. In short, with that kind of support, WordPress will still have a brightfuture.
  5. All WordPress sites look similar. A common misconception among foreign users is that all WordPress sites look the same. WordPress using a theme that controls the visual appearance of the website. There are million of WordPress themes available. Many are free and some of the other themes. There are shops like StudioPress premium WordPress theme, ElegantThemes, Themefuse and much more. These themes can all be customizedby yourself, so you can change the colors, layout, add your own logo and do whatever you want with your theme. So, you own that determines what kind of website You later!
  6. WordPress for beginners. Another common misconception we often hear from users who don’t know much about WordPress is that it is more suitable for beginner users who don’t know CSS, HTML, or programming. This is not entirely true. While WordPress is very easy to use for beginners without codings kills, it is also used by companies, businesses, and developers/programmers.

So how about you? Do you also believe in wordpress security myths surrounding on top? If you are still judging the WordPress wrongly, then perhaps now it is time you try to migrate into WordPress

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