7 Ways To Speed Up Your Website

There is no doubt that speed of website has become more important than ever. The reason is that web users have become less tolerant of slow load websites and they want website speed very fast. Moreover there is reward offer from Google as well for the fast websites with higher positions in natural search results. There you will need to make website speed priority on your site to take advantage of benefits. Here are some ways to speed up your website.

You can have the option of uploading images in the websites if you are using content management system and then these images can be adjusted within background of your website, but in this case web browsers will have to execute multiple commands in order to pull up the actual image and then resize it due to which website can become slow. So if you want to make speed of website fast then you should use image editing program in order to adjust images to the best display sizes before adding them to the website.
The website speed is often affected due to usage of large number of plugins and scripts which are freely available. There will be resources required for every plugin added in the website which cause slow down of website. Therefore it is important for you to add required plugins and script in the website if you want to increase speed of website.

Speed Up Your Website

Depending on the content management system used in the website, you will need to keep checking to find out new releases of the available scripts of the websites. If there are new releases then upgrade your website as soon as possible. The script developers are working all the time to improve the code for future release especially when it comes to the speed of website. Updating your scripts to latest version will help your website speed quickly.

There are content delivery networks or CDNs are vast servers networks housed all over the world. When contents of website such as images are stored on these servers instead of storing it on the hosting account locally then it will have faster load of your website and website speed will be fast as it will be closest to the website visitors.

The visitors of website can store copies of website pages with the help of browser caching technology in which pages are loaded with the cache instead of reloading all the pages again. It will save lots of resources used to display web pages resulting in faster load of web pages.

The use of Gzip compression will enable you to minimize the size of browsers based HTTP responses as much as 70% and it will increase speed of website load significantly.

Use CSS files in the website in order to keep code of your website neat and clean at the top of page’s code that can prohibit progressive rendering and it will save resources as well. The result is that speed of website will increase and web browser will load your website easily.

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