5 Signs of Bad Hosting Service

Are you frustrated with your current bad hosting service ? Do you still doubt whether or not you need a hosting migration? In this article, we will share 5 indicators of bad hosting service to help you know when the time is right for Your migration of hosting.

Most people are hesitant to move Hosting. Why? because it requires technical knowledge to move the website without any downtime at all. Fortunately, most good hosting companies will be happy to help your migration from the old to the new hosting hosting you, with no extra cost.

5 the cause You have to move from bad hosting service

There are 5 indicators of bad hosting service and why you should migrate from Your current bad hosting service to a new hosting service :

bad hosting service

1. Frequent Down-Time are not expected without notice

Downtime is very bad for your overall reputation (SEO ranking, traffic, etc.). Nobody wants to visit a site that can’t be accessed at all times. If your site is down a few times a week, then that is a clear indication that it’s time you start thinking to move Hosting services.

You can always ask for an explanation from your Hosting support team about the downtime that occurs. If they are not assured in giving reasons and answers, then it is time you move Hosting.

2. Error Establishing a Database Connection/Database Connection Error

If you frequently experience “Error Establishing Database Conncection” on your site, then it means that your site has grown to exceed the capacity of the server given by Hosting and it could be because you installed the wrong plug-ins on your site.

In both these cases, your Hosting support team should be able to help you. If they can’t help, then you should move on to someone who will help. Switch to other more professional hosting, for example

3. Website Suspended

Most web hosting providers have the right to suspend action for your site, particularly if there is illegal activity going on there. However, some hosting companies have suspended a particular client account without notice for things of that sort, or even things you don’t understand.

Hosting you should care about your website because you have rented a House on them. If the company hosting Your site to suspend without notice, then you should immediately send a confirmation on their rights and You are receiving an explanation of them.

If your compalint about this suspension does not respond properly, then immediately moved your hosting and search other better service.

4. Poor support from the Hosting Support Team

Customer service and good Support is very important for you when choosing a Hosting service will be.

You need to ask yourself the following questions: does your hosting support team staff quickly respond? Whether they are experienced, has good science and help?

Sometimes you will find a team of support that does not help you and just tell you to wait while your website is down, memebri without apparent reason. If you are dissatisfied with the support service provided by your current Hosting, maybe it’s time you choose a Hosting service that is new and improved.

5. Slow Page Loading

Speed is the factors that are very important to optimize your website for better user experience and higher search rankings. A slow site is usually caused by too many users on the server. In both cases, your hosting should be able to help you figure out why your site is running slow.

If you started having problems with the site is slow or you spend a lot more time to send a ticket to the support team of your current hosting, maybe it is time you should be leave your bad hosting service and make hosting migration to other company.

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