5 File Type That Cause of Reduced Disk Space

Run out of Disk Space on your server? But do not know the cause? Here are 5 causes that often regardless of control and be the cause of reduced disk space.

Email Storage

Email often takes up more disk space than your web site. Some large attachments in your email is also the cause of the swelling of Email storage. Email inbox can even swell into gigabytes if not restricted by the quota system. Control panel such as cPanel and Plesk provide ease to set the quota system. Even if your current server has plenty of disk space, I suggest you do the quota settings for each email account. This way you can protect your server

Log Files

If log rotation never configured correctly or fails, the log can be quickly increased in size. On a large web site, multi-GB log file can occur within a few days (or even hours). Fortunately, the log files are easy to remove. When considering strategies for your log, consider how important the log file data. You should think of the correct log File management.

reduced disk space

Redundant Backups

Do you think you really need a database of 2010 ? Maybe you think this is the need to maintain the backups for longer, but if you run out of disk space, where you’ll keep it? Save it on your Server is probably not the right place. Download backup and archiving to a long-term storage medium may be more appropriate. In short, do not ever make your server as a rallying point for your backup files

Cancelled Accounts

The client cancel in 2008 and you still save the file the site and email them? The rule is simple: if it’s not used, it is clear that there is no point in You save. Keep old files can potentially make your server reduced disk space.

The Initial Build File

Often found that when people don’t have a good development environment, server becomes cluttered with old data. Once you are sure the new version works, then download the file backup. Let Your old files on the server can cause you to reduced disk space and also make the server you become vulnerable.

The problem of Disk Space?

Do you find other causes commonly spend disk space? You can send ticket to your webhosting service for put they list.

For more effective and easy you can use your android smartphone to manage file on your hosting disk space or android cloud storage with android file transfer.

This the article about 5 file type that cause of reduced disk space, hopefully helpful.

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