11 Ways to Encourage User Activity on Your Site

Any website needs visitors for user activity and if there are unresponsive users on the website then there will be no benefit of the website. Therefore you will need to encourage user activity on the website and following strategies can be adopted in this regard.

Adding mailing list can be effective way to reach the visitors and customers. Incentive offers can make the visitors to return the website in the future. The email management service like Aweber or MailChimp can be used to store email addresses and consider some incentive offerings to encourage sign ups and it is very effective user activity.

The customer feedback is important and you can add review features to the listing pages. The review modules can be installed easily by using script programs to increase website visitors. It will certainly encourage user activity on the website.

Encourage User Activity

Social sharing tools can be effective to bring the customers to your website in future. So it will be good if you install social sharing tools like ShareThis or AddThis to the posts and pages on the website. It will create positive impact on the brand recognition and SEO. You should ask the visitors to leave their comments. It will be good to end the posts with question and ask readers to leave their comments which can be effective way to drive post based user activity on the website. If you want to increase user activity on the website then you should set up a user forum which might be costly but it will be good for on-site user activity. There are some free forum tools available as well for easy forum implementation which is good for increasing website visitors.

Adding gamification features like user contest and user profile rating systems can be added to the website. These elements can be added with the tools like BigDoor and Badgeville to have an effective user activity as well as website visitor increase. it will be good to solicit feedback from the potential customers on the website in case of new product or service offering. It will ensure on-site user activity and will certainly increase traffic on the website.

The use of rewards will be good to encocurage repeated visits from the visitors. It will create loyalty in the minds of customers. You can simply create list of customers and then offer rewards to the visitors with most number of visits on the website.

Increase the number of visitors by adding plgins and extensions on the blog to display related posts automatically. Sharing of related reading articcles on the website will keep the visitors on the website.

Creating Q&A will make it conveneint for the website visitors to find out responses for their queries and it will boost on-site activity.

Keep your content fresh by adding different images, text and video based posts to attract more and more visitors on the website.

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