10 Benefits of Webmaster Tool

Google has made free service Google Webmaster tool for the help of webmasters with which they can come to know about index of their website in Google search. Google webmaster tools were launched in 2010. Here are some important benefits of webmaster tools.

benefits of webmaster tool

Submit Sitemap
you can submit sitemap of website to the Google search by using Google webmaster tools. It will help in quick indexing of webpages in Google search. Sitemap tells the search engines about all pages existing on the website with which it will be indexed effectively.

You can tell good how to crawl website by using Google webmaster tools. The crawling speed can also be increased or decreased.

Google webmaster tools help you to find keywords for which your website is ranked higher and keywords which might bring traffic to your website. You can write more content on those keywords to drive more traffic.

Index Status
Index status can also be checked with Google webmaster tools. You can come to know about number of pages indexed in Google with webmaster tools.

Crawl Issues
Google Webmaster tools notify you any crawl issue on your website. It will help you to solve these issues when you are notified by the webmaster tools.

Finding Malware
Google Webmaster tools will also notify you if there is any malware virus found on the website pages. You can easily remove these virus programs from your website when you are notified.

Preferred Domain
You can be able to set preferred domain for your website by using Google webmaster tools with WWW or without WWW. This tools can be very important to set preferred domain in case you are using custom domain on your blog or website.

Internal and external links on the website can also be checked with the help of Google Webmaster tools. Poor back links can also be disabled with webmaster tools.

Manual Penalty
If your website is not penalized by Google for some reason then you are informed through webmaster tools.

You can be able to optimize your website in Google search engine very effectively with the help of webmaster tools. It will help you to bring more traffic on your website.

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